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If you want to make a change, you have to keep going. Stay motivated with individual and group support. Join challenges, compete for badges, and win prizes. Connect with a community of women all working toward a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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Pair fitness with nutrition, and you have a winning combination for a healthy lifestyle. Work toward your nutrition goals with customized meal plans. Measure your progress and stay on target with tracking features for calories, macros, and meal diaries. 

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Every BODY is different. With Stella Gets Fit, you'll find a workout plan that works for you. Customize everything about your plan from frequency to intensity and choose from a wide library of videos and written instructions to keep you moving.

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Make the connection between fitness and nutrition...and real change will follow!  Join the exclusive Stella Gets Fit Community to get the results you want and the healthy lifestyle you need. 

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Balanced nutrition plans to fit your body

Personalized workout plans to fit your life and measurable goals to keep you moving

Habit trackers, challenges, badges, community and individual support to maintain motivation

to thriving with...

Fad diets that leave you hungry and miserable

Cookie-cutter fitness plans that set you up for failure 

A promising start that fizzles out when the motivation runs out

just imagine going from...

Move from wishing it...
to working it

a balanced life is a healthy life...

For Women Only! Be part of the online Stella Gets Fit Community and connect with like-minded women all working toward a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

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Who doesn't love a little competition? Challenge yourself to reach the next health milestone and receive badges when you hit your personal best. Join a group challenge and win prizes.

challenges & prizes

Track workouts, nutrition, fitness targets, and progress photos to add accountability and celebrate achievements.

habit trackers

Two-way communication with a certified personal trainer, readily available to assist and answer any questions. In-app messaging and regular check-ins.

expert coaching

Managed nutrition through assigned meal plans and measured progression. Track nutrition with integrated options for calories, macros, and meal diaries.

managed nutrition

 Custom workouts to build strength and endurance. Includes cardio, weights, interval, and stretch. Enjoy a library of professionally created workouts in video or PDF format. 

personalized training

Stella Gets Fit Includes...

Sometimes, we need more than motivation. We need a plan. The path to a healthier YOU begins with a personal assessment of your goals and a personalized fitness and nutrition plan to get you there. Set yourself up for success with Stella Gets Fit, and join an exclusive community of women who are becoming the best versions of themselves. Monthly plans are available.

It's time for a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle

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 "I've never liked working out and couldn't stick with it...until I started training with Loretta. She is very knowledgeable, supportive and motivating. I've been working with Loretta for 6 months now and I look and feel stronger and healthier. She is encouraging and pushes me to work hard and smart. I look forward to continued success with Loretta." 

- chloe

"Without Loretta, I know I wouldn't be where I am today. She taught me so much over our 3 months working together and I am so much more content and a stronger person than I was."

- melissa

"Loretta is so much more than a coach! She listens. She cares. She pushed me when I really needed it, and she never gave up on me.  Her coaching is BANG on! 


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I Help Ambitious Women Unlock Their Personal Power, Gain Energy, & Transform Their Bodies. 

I'm a fitness coach, nature lover, endurance gravel cyclist, detail-loving self-care activist, stubborn-as-heck achiever and individualist, frequent flier, mom to two adult children, and a small town doodle parent.

See that? I’m not just ONE thing, and I can bet that neither are you!
I want to help you achieve the balance you desire with fitness + nutrition plans tailored to fit your busy life.

I'm Loretta. Fitness Coach  And NLP Practitioner.  

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Try Stella Gets Fit FREE for seven days and experience being part of an exclusive community focused on fitness and nutrition. If you love it, keep the momentum going and sign up for a monthly subscription and enjoy the results of a healthy and balanced lifestyle!

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Our fitness plans, nutrition plans, and habit coaching is available and starts at $27/per a fitness plan USD and includes unlimited training access. So, go ahead and try it out!  We stand behind our work and know it will push your fitness to the next level.

How much does Stella Gets Fit cost?

Yes. Stella Gets Fit makes it easy for clients to log their meals on the MyFitnessPal app.

Is there an option to connect to MyFitnessPal?

Every client of our team is obsessed with effective training. Every workout in your plan was built by a human, through expert planning and hours of refining. Our team has personally completed every single one of the thousands of workouts in our system. Many of them multiple times. We live for this and we live for our customers. Stella Gets Fit is a community based fitness app and caps at 200 members. Let's go.

How is Stella Gets Fit different?

Login to your Stella Gets Fit account and workouts are delivered right to your phone via the Stella Gets Fit Fitness + Nutrition App.

How do clients receive workouts?

Once clients purchase a fitness plan, you will receive an login information in your inbox. Please sure to check your spam folder. 

How do I sign in?

Yes! After the 14-Day trial, clients have the option to purchase a specific fitness plan. 

Does Stella Get Fit offer a 7-Day Free Trial?

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Is this app available on iOs and Android?

Yes — the app is currently available on iOS and Android.

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